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Your best summer hair ever!!


Summer… a time for outdoors, for beach, sun and swimming. Also a time for dry, brittle, damaged hair. But not this year! At Cordony Hair we have all you need to keep your hair looking and feeling great, and it all starts with in salon conditioning treatments. We have a range of specifically prescribed in salon treatments that can be chosen for your hair’s specific needs.

To keep your hair hydrated and protected throughout summer, a cream mask treatment- specifically for hydration and moisture is what your hair needs. We use Moroccanoil and Trichovedic masks and add extra goodies like Morrocanoil or protein complex depending on your hair’s specific needs. Scalp is massaged to release tension and then hair is wrapped in a hot towel to assist in the absorbtion of the product into the hair.

To sooth and calm a dry, itchy, or flaky scalp, or simply to give your scalp a treat, Trichovedic’s peppermint treatment is the go! Peppermint and tea tree oil are the active ingredients in this treatment, leaving the scalp feeling squeeky clean, fresh and tingly all over! Perfect for guys as a refreshing and relaxing treat with their haircut.

 And for the “piece de resistance” we have the Kerastase Rituals… the very top of the range in hair treatments. Rituals are tailored to your hair’s specific needs as up to two extra boosters can be added to guarantee the most effective and luxurious treament your hair has ever had!

So, don’t risk dry damaged hair, come and see us at Cordony Hair and we can prescribe the best way to care for your hair this summer!!

Posted on November 10th, 2013