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Olaplex colour repair treatment

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Ever wondered how the stars go from brunette to blonde to red head and back to blonde all the while keeping their healthy, luscious locks we all love and want?? The answer is finally here!!
Olaplex colour repair treatment.
This amazing treatment is used while colouring hair (or just as a stand alone treatment) and will reform the bonds in the hair, eliminating breakage and minimizing damage to the hair while it is being coloured. Especially beneficial when lightening the hair as it all but eliminates the damage bleach causes. Hair is left silky smooth, shiny and strong.
Olaplex colour repair treatment is changing the way we colour hair… now anything is possible without compromising the condition of the hair!


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Product Description

The newest technology in hair treatments!¬†Never before have we been able to lighten hair without causing damage to its structure and strength… now we can!! Hair is left strong and silky smooth, without breakage. Olaplex colour repair treatment is the secret weapon of colourists to the stars. It’s what allows them to go from brunette to blonde as Kim Kardashian recently did or between red head to pastel blue a la Katie Perry; all the while keeping their hair strong, silky smooth and gorgeous!! Olaplex colour repair treatment lets you to go from brunette to blonde to red head and back to blonde. Hair is silky smooth and stronger than before.

Now we can change your colour from one extreme to the next without it breaking off.

Now we can add natural highlights with no damage to the hair.

Now we can take you as blonde as you like keeping hair strong and silky smooth.

Olaplex colour treatment is simply amazing, There is no other product like it available and it is not available everywhere…¬† here at Cordony Hair we have it now!


Olaplex colour repair treatment allows hair to be lightened from any colour without damage or breakage.

Check out some of these examples of before and after shots from our !!

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