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We’ve got your hair styling needs totally covered at Cordony Hair.Our experienced stylists can help you find a whole new look or make your favourite style fresh again. Perhaps it’s just a change of season or a new job to impress, a new beginning, a new you to find?  We really love listening to your needs and bringing out the best of you with a minimum of fuss.

Hair styling for long hair, short hair, curly hair or wild and even fine hair.  We know how to make you feel stunning.

Cordony Hair were the first hair salons in Sydney to pioneer the use of iPads in every salon which link to our Pinterest pages.  Check out the boards and follow us there for thousands of up to date ideas to help you choose your new look.



I made my first appointment with them and after a thorough consultation I was lead in right direction completely. First my stylist listened to my needs and evaluated my hair. She then consulted with me exactly what she was going to do. I was so happy with the job that I felt that I had not been treated so well from a stylist in a long while. Probably one of the best consultations I have ever had and the end result was amazing. Exactly what I wanted.